Meet The Staff


I have been a willing ambassador for my country for many years since I was 18. I have started my tourism life working in a youth hostel.. Since then I have met many people, booked lots of tours, wrote lots of itineraries and did a great amount of travelling myself. My biggest ambition is to explore new countries and cultures and I am very happy that I am able to make other people enjoy a great Turkey experience and hopefully create a difference for them with a touch of love and enthusiasm..


A good trip must be planned by a professional, well ahead and with lots of care. Every single detail must be calculated and taken care of. It needs a lot of professionalism and experience to be able to create the best itinerary for every individual or group; and running a flawless operation is of course the most important element..



I love traveling! When all my friends have been investing in buying houses, nice cars, and all those fancy possessions, I have kept spending all that I have earned on traveling. Some say I am crazy, some say I’m doing the best thing. No matter who says what, I’ll continue being a “professional tourist”–that’s how I identify myself. After all those years traveling around, I have learned what it is to be a tourist; and that is the perspective we strive to have at Unison Turkey: “What would a tourist love to do?”. Having seen many countries around the world, I have to admit that Turkey is a wonderful tourist destination. You would find whatever you are looking for: culture, history, nature, unique cuisine, all types of different climates, you name it. So I am happy to be able to blend my experience with a beautiful product and share it with Unison Turkey guests!